Segment Subscription Services was founded to serve the Publishing community.  As publishers, you are faced with the prospects of declining profit margins on direct to publisher acquisition efforts.  In addition, traditional public place sources lack differentiation and have become cluttered with the many titles now participating in these programs.  Finally, recent ABC rule changes have recognized that magazine copies placed in public places are an excellent source of quality readership, and a viable source of circulation for magazines. 

 In order to serve the Magazine industry with a new and expanded source of public place magazine subscriptions, Segment Subscription Services was formed by John Case and Barry Ogdon, two Circulation veterans with over forty years of experience in all aspects of magazine circulation.  Our simple goal is to place your copies in a well-managed, uncluttered environment where your title will stand out, be noticed, and be read. In addition, we direct our copies to places where affluent readers will select and read your publication.